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Educational Leadership and Research

This guide provides information about and links to education datasets, statistics and research.


This guide is to help you with finding education datasets, statistics and research. Use the tabs at the top of the guide to find information.

Diagram of the interconnectedness of the Evaluation and Planning Phases of Research. See full text below image caption.

Courtesy of the Web Center for Social Research Method

The text in the image above is overlaid with two large circular arrows pointing from Evaluation Phase to Planning Phase, and from Planning Phase to Evaluation phase. The text is in two columns:

Left Column:


  • utilization of results in management of decision-making
  • Analysis of evaluation data
  • Design coordinating the components of the evaluation
  • Conceptualization of how to measure the program, outcomes, and target popuation
  • Formulation of evaluation questions and hypotheses

Right column:


  • Formulation of problem, issue, concern
  • Conceptualization of possible alternative, actions, strategies
  • Detailing of alternatives and their implications
  • Evaluation of alternatives and selection of best
  • Implementation of selected alternatives

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