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Course Reserves

Course Reserve items are selected by your professors and have limited checkout periods. These textbooks or supplementary materials range from full books, to chapter excerpts, journal articles and occasionally media items. They are available at the Circulation Desk and must be checked out using your Bulldog ID Card. Course Reserve items can not leave the library.


Please have the title and the call number of the items you are requesting. This information is usually provided in your syllabus by your professor.

General Guidelines:

Placing relevant books, articles, and media on Course Reserves ensures that these items are available for all students enrolled in your course. You may place materials on reserve at the library that supports your program at Thurgood Marshall Library using the Course Reserve Form below.

You can place personal items and items owned by Thurgood Marshall Library on Course Reserve, If Thurgood Marshall Library does not currently have the item you would like to place on Course Reserve, you can request an item for purchase below.

Please submit your requests as early as possible to ensure timely access to course materials. 


If you have any questions, please contact the Circulation Department at 301-860-3870.