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Annotated Bibliography

Provides information about the structure and parts of an annotated bibliography and how to evaluate resources for it. Also provides a diagram (example) of an annotation and a list of library books and online links for more information.

"Peer Review"

Whether an article is "scholarly" or not usually depends on the process of review it went through before it was published.  Most scholarly articles are written by experts in a field and then "peer-reviewed," or, reviewed by other experts for accuracy and relevance before being published.  You may occasionally find articles which can be considered scholarly, but which have not been peer reviewed.  Talk to your professor about these distinctions to make sure you fully understand your assignment.

Is it scholarly? A checklist.

Always check for:

1. Begins with abstract

2. Bibliography and/or footnotes

3. Author is scholar/expert

4. No advertising

5. Any images support research

6. Scholarly structure