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Fact Checking and Media Literacy

A guide to fact checking fake news

Real, Fake or Real Fake?

Using the previously mentioned information, determine whether these websites provide trusted information: 


Buy Dehydrated Water 

Dog Island 

All About Explorers 

Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus 

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie 


Feline Reactions to Bearded Men 

The Jackalope Conspiracy 

Microwaves and Mind Control

The Republic of Cascadia: Bureau of Sasquatch Affairs 


**Remember to check the author, FAQ's and last update**

Can these websites be trusted?
Absolutely!: 2 votes (10%)
Some of them: 5 votes (25%)
No Way!!: 13 votes (65%)
Total Votes: 20

Create Your Own

You can even create your own fake news story!

Check out mine: Librarian on the Moon


Image result for black librarian on the moon