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A to Z Databases - A Quick Guide

What is a Database?

 A database is an electronically accessible collection of information (data)
which is organized for efficient searching and retrieval.  

Databases for academic use are typically subject- or content-specific and contain a high-percentage of scholarly materials, such as peer-reviewed or academic journal articles.

Libraries purchase (lease) these databases from vendors such as EbscoHost and ProQuest.

Finding a database in the A to Z Databases list

Easy Steps to Finding a Database

1.  Bowie Website + Library + Research / A to Z Databases

2.  Choose a database from the alphabetical list or use the drop-down menus to choose by SUBJECT or TYPES. If you don’t know which one to choose, try one of these:

  • ABI/Inform
  • Academic Search Complete
  • Credo

3.  Click on the database of your choice

4.  In the database search box, type in your keywords.


  • Searches are not case-sensitive; it’s okay to use upper- or lower-case letters.
  • Spelling matters
  • Use keywords or short keyword phrases – avoid complete sentences.
  • Use filters to narrow your results.  Common filters are: publication date, full-text, scholarly (peer-reviewed), subject, and so forth.
  • Not enough results or too many irrelevant results? Try a different database. 

Accessing A to Z Databases Off-Campus

How do I access OneSearch or other library databases if I am off-campus?

Step One:  Get out your Bowie Bulldog ID Card and look in the lower right corner for the string of 14-digits following the letters LIB#.  

Step Two: Go to Bowie's library Webpage. Find and open A to Z Databases. Select OneSearch or another database of your choice.

Step Three:  In the first pop-up window select "Bowie State University" 

Step Four:   In the login widow, type in your 14-digit LIB# in the box that asks for your ID number/barcode, and type your last name into the Password box

I was on-campus using my laptop, but I still couldn't access the databases. Why?

That's probably because you were not connected to BullDogAir, the campus Wi-Fi system. When you connect to any other Wi-Fi system - even if you are on campus - you will be prompted to login.

The other possibility is that you tried to access the database by Googling it and going directly to the database Website. To access the database with your Bowie credentials, you must go through the Bowie library Webpage.