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SAGE Video at Bowie State University

SAGE Video for Faculty

These instructor manuals are designed to aid educators using SAGE Video content within their teaching practices with examples of how to teach different topics using the videos in our collections.

SAGE Video User Guide for Faculty (General) 

SAGE Video Research Methods (Brouse additional videos by Discipline)

  • Additional video is available on SAGE Research Methods platform.

  • Content matches research skills and statistics curriculum.

  • Special collections cover Practical Research & Academic Skills, Data Science, and Market Research.

Use SAGE Video

See this guide Learn About the Platform by SAGE to learn Search, Browse, Closed-Captions & Transcripts, Create Clips, Embed Videos & Clips, Pull Citations, Build Playlists, Access Metadata about the Videos. 

Embedding SAGE Video in Blackboard

Get a quick overview on how to access video embed codes and use those codes to embed video content in Blackboard or other online space. DOI and codes for videos and clips are automatically generated for BSU community. The 14 digit library number and password are required to browse the video you embedded in Blackboard. 

SV Embed from SAGE Publications, Inc. on Vimeo.

Using the SAGE Video custom clip feature from SAGE Publications, Inc. on Vimeo.

This 3-minute video teaches you how to create a custom video clip in SAGE Video as well as how to access embed codes and share links for custom clip content for use in an LMS or other online space.