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History of BSU (Freshman Seminar): Home

This guide provides information, photos, and links to resources about BSU's history.

BSU - Mission Statement




Mission Statement

Bowie State University empowers a diverse population of students from Maryland, the nation, and the world to reach their full potential through its high-quality, liberal-arts-based bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. The University provides a nurturing environment distinguished by a culture of success that supports students in completing their course of study. As Maryland’s first historically black university, Bowie State inspires and prepares ethical and socially responsible leaders who can think critically, discover knowledge, commit to lifelong learning, value diversity, and function effectively in a highly technical and dynamic global community.

Core Values


Bowie State University expects students, faculty, staff and administrators to demonstrate outstanding levels of performance by fostering a stimulating learning and work environment.


Bowie State University cultivates an environment in which the interaction between individuals is one that is inherently imbued with value, respect, and appreciation.


Bowie State University students, faculty, staff, administrators and the larger community demonstrate high ethical standards in their interactions with one another.


Bowie State University nurtures an awareness of, and sensitivity toward, differences of race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, culture, sexual orientation, religion, age, and disability.


Bowie State University expects each member of the University community to be responsible and accountable for the outcomes of his or her efforts and actions.

Text from the BSU Website.

Bowie State University: 150th Anniversary Video

Our Alma Mater

Alma Mater by Charlotte B. Robinson

There's a spot in my heart that never grows cold
There's a place in my memory that never grows old.
There's a prayer on my lips that I'll ever be true
To God and my country, to Bowie State, my school


Oh, Bowie State, dear Bowie State
May you forever be the flame of faith
The torch of truth
To guide the steps of youth.
There's a song in my heart that I'll ever sing
Of the beauties of Bowie State that each season brings.
There's a pledge in my heart, that I'll ever keep true
To uphold the standards of Bowie State, my school.

BSU Alma Mater


The 1929-30 Announcement and Catalogue displays the Alma Mater song, written by Charlotte B. Robinson. She taught music here for more than 30 years. Her version of the song continues to be the official Alma Mater for Bowie State University today.