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Visual Culture and Hip Hop/VCDM408 with Professor Tewodross Melchishua Williams: Home

A course on hip hip, visual culture and contemporary art

VCDM408 VIsual Culture and Hip Hop

In this course you'll be investigating hip hop, visual culture, and contemporary art.  This guide offers some collected resources, most available in the Thurgood Marshall Library, that you can turn to for help writing your first essay, the Lost and Found paper, and also throughout the course of the semester.  Please feel free to contact the library with any questions you may have!  

Defining an Essay Topic

Unless your instructor gives you a specific topic to work with, determining what is interesting to you and relevant to your course work, and then shaping that into a coherent essay topic, can be a very involved process.  As you dig into your early research and learn more about your subject matter, your topic may change and grow, or you may find that you need to scale things down a little in order to adequately cover a topic.  

Heads up...

Red "Warning" image

Some of the video and audio content in this guide may contain language or images meant for a mature audience.  Don't say we didn't warn ya.