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Criminal Justice/ Special Topics, CRJU 410-001: Search Terms, Keywords and Subject Headings

Crimes of passion, violent crimes, serial crimes, victims and offenders. This libguide will help you find the information that Bowie State University has to offer for this course.

Word of the Semester

Recidivism - it involves the measurement of whether or not an individual commits or repeats another offense. 


  • Serial Killer
  • Violent Crime 
  • Victims
  • Perpetrator
  • Serial Arson
  • Serial Rape
  • Child Serial Killer
  • Pairs of Serial Killers
  • Motivation
  • Behavior

Subjects that Make Great Search Terms

Affective disorders.
Antisocial personality disorders.
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Behavior disorders
Behavior disorders in children.
Borderline personality disorder.
Conduct disorders
Conduct disorders in children.
Criminal behavior -- Genetic aspects.
Criminal behavior.
Criminal psychology.
Depression, Mental.
Drug abuse.
Manic-depressive illness.
Mental illness.
Mental illness -- Prevention.
Mentally ill -- Public opinion.
Neurobehavioral disorders.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Personality disorders.
Psychology -- Research.
Psychology, Pathological.
Separation anxiety in children.
Sexual disorders.
Substance abuse.

Diagram: Keywords/ Subject Headings

Keywords =

  • Important words or phrases within the text of articles, citations, or abstracts.

Subject Headings =

  • Specific vocabulary assigned by database indexers to describe the article content so all records on a given subject can be found in one search.